Video camera cute and practical

Video camera shoot and share the theme made by Cisco. Cute and practical product called Flip It has been busy in the world of competitive video camera.

This product includes a simple video camera, with the flip model that has a USB plug named UltraHD and Mino HD. Thus, after recording a video users can directly connect it to a PC to be shared to social networking.

Flip has FlipShar
software available on each unit. With this software users can directly upload the recording to Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. FlipShare also features a snapshot images and the Magic Movie feature for easy video editing.
Editing video is not easy, but editing the video with the Flip can be very easy.

No less exciting, this tiny video recorder has HD recording quality and features image stabilization, high frame rate. Flip Mino HD 8GB can record videos up duration of 2 hours.
While the Mino has a 4GB HD duration approximately 1 hour.

Especially for Flip Ultra HD 8GB, this product comes with a AAA battery type that can be refilled.
Mini video recorder is claimed capable of recording video in the duration of 2 hours.