GPS with Streets original image

When viewing the GPS, at best, a road map as usual, is presented with a guide. GPS satellite navigation is now owned by Pioneer, a true picture of the front of the path.

So in a double DIN monitor GPS satellite navigation system that is Pioneer is new AVIC- VH09 other than a real picture of the way you are going through, the direction of the arrow that shows the road you travel should also appear.

This may happen on the GPS Pioneer is because thanks to the camera is connected with the system. The camera is mounted on the windshield.

AVIC-VH09 GPS unit uses the 7-inch LCD screen that also brought information around DVD, CD, or the contents of the USB and memory card is plugged.

This is one big leap in vehicle navigation. Moreover, these Pioneer GPS unit may track your vehicle was in the lane next to the road where, at that instant.

Perhaps the problem is the availability of a new entity in Japan. But not impossible that this technology will be provided by Pioneer in the world.