Lamborghini releases Cars Can Be Used Daily

If viewed the models of Lamborghini sports car is currently no suitable to be taken daily. Today, Lamborghini is preparing a new model that you can rudder daily.

"Lamborghini will have all three models. Car It should have a car that can be used every day," Chief Executive Stephan Winkelmann said while speaking at the Reuters Global Luxury and Fashion Summit in Paris, France.

Lamborghini Party certainly has not mentioned anything about cars like Lamborghini's future. But definitely, so his decision was diketok hammer, then the Lamborghini takes 5 years to create a 'bull' new that can be used everyday.

Lamborghini reportedly would not cooperate with other partners in making the new model. But Lamborghini is definitely going to work together synergistically with other brands in the Volkswagen group.