Google releases from Nexus S Digital Wallet

Google will conjure Nexus S be the Digital Wallet. This week Google will launch its mobile payment system. Digital Wallet from Nexus S allows consumers to use their phones when going to make a payment.

Payment by moving the Nexus S phone in front of a sensing device is offered by Google in collaboration with MasterCard and Citibank. Google also took telecommunication operators, handset makers and retailers.

As a first project, Google's new digital wallets will be available in the United States, on the phone Nexus S Google. Consumers can make payments with a digital wallet in 124 thousand merchants who have MasterCard PayPass terminals.

Google does not officially break the news to the public. Even so, MasterCard, Citigroup and Sprint, the operator who then distribute Nexus S also did not want to give information about the details of this information.

March past, Google reportedly has been testing its mobile payment system that together with MasterCard and Citigroup. The information is leaking at the time mentioned, the tests are conducted using one type of Android phones that use NFC chip.