VW New Beetle review price United States

Car manufacturer Volkswagen plans are going to launch New Bettle in the United States this year. As for the Asian region in February next year. Then what price the New VW Beetle in America?

VW New Beetle plan will be sold starting at U.S. $ 19,765. Fun price also includes shipping charges of U.S. $ 770

While the highest variant equipped with engine capacity 2,000 cc petrol TSI (smaller than before the 2500 five-cylinder), which can catapult power 200 Hp priced U.S. $ 24,165

New Beetleis now changing quite frontal especially on the back. Now prefer the aerodynamic shape.

New Beetle now has dimensions of 4.278 x1, 808x1, 486 meters (LxWxH) or 84 mm wider, lower 12 mm and 152 mm longer and certainly will be more relieved than the previous version. One other change is the most ciamik bumper design with a line that implies a sporty impression.

New Beetle put up to 3 turbocharged gasoline engine that is ready to be selected with the variation of power among other engines powered 103 bhp 1200 cc, 1400 cc engine with 158 bhp and 2,000 cc engine with 197 bhp power. In addition there are a pair of powerful 103 bhp turbodiesel engine (1.6 liters) and 138 bhp (2.0 liters).