Sonim XP3300 phones respite from United States

The new phone comes from the United States Sonim XP3300 extreme market enliven Indonesia. Sonim XP3300 toughness is unquestioned.

Sonim XP3300 phones directly toughness can be seen from the cover of crowded. Coated with black rubber material that hard and thick like a rhino skin. The analogy is not arbitrary, because when viewed from extreme mobile phone rivals, the cover is arguably the most bold.

Cover Sonim XP3300 increasingly fierce and large due to the thickness of the protective rubber coating around them.

While Sonim XP3300 at the back of the device is added to stainless steel as reinforcement. So that when dropped from a height, candy bar type mobile phone is able to withstand blows.

Toughness devices equipped with a 2 megapixel camera can also be relied upon from the side of the battery. That is claimed to last for 2 months to standby condition, or for 2 weeks for normal use.

Because mobile phones are placed for the segmentation of extreme, obviously the features of Sonim XP330 also fairly standard. As equipped FM radio, MP3, 3gp, mpeg4, java MIDP 2.0, GPS, and 2 inch wide screen.