Kindle textbook rentals for students

Kindle textbook rentals for studentshas been officially announced Amazon.
Kindle Textbook Rentals which opens opportunities for students to save up to 80% by hiring tens of thousands of book titles, without having to buy.

"Students told us that they like the low prices that we provide to new and used textbooks. Now we offer them the option to hire a book for the Kindle and they only have to pay the old rent.
This will save up to 80% of the rental price of the book is actually 30 days, "said Dave Bizkit, vice president of Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Textbook Rentals for students, allowing customers to customize the lease period for each period of 30-360 days. This will facilitate the students because they generally only need to use the book within a certain time only.
Students can also easily extend the lease term gradual or buy books that they rent.

Textbooks available on Kindle Rentals has the tagline "Rent Once, Read Everywhere" because the books can be read on any device that has a Kindle applications such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android devices.