Camera AWARE 2 with Resolution Gigapixel

Aware 2 is a gigapixel resolution camera with a look that is more simple and practical.
A number of scientists from the University of Arizona and Duke finally managed to create a Gigapixel resolution camera with a compact and practical. Super- resolution camera with AWARE 2 of those named.

Camera AWARE 2

Camera AWARE 2 equipped with 98 pieces of 14-megapixel resolution microcamera, spherical lens and high-speed microprocessor to process data quickly gigapixel. The developers of this amazing camera will even add AWARE microcamera in the next version, so it can produce images with resolutions of up to 50 gigapixel.

AWARE 2 by using the camera, then you can take the remote object or small objects with great care. For example, if using a regular camera, small animals may not be caught on camera if not picked up from close range. But with gigapixel- resolution camera, images can be enlarged so that small objects will look great.

AWARE 2 Cameras planned to be sold to a limited circle at a price of $100,000 or approximately almost 1 billion IDR. ├Čnterested in buying a Camera AWARE 2?