Porsche 911 Best Car Design

Porsche Designas a whole is still having the same identity with the classic Porsche design. However, the design still seems to be able to attract attention. The proof of the Porsche design is still considered the best.

Success of the Porsche 911 to be the best car design is the result of hard work on the designers at Porsche. The team also managed to get the red dot award for best design team in 2012.

porsche 991

Chief designer Michael Mauer and 80 are classified as members of his team managed to maintain and enhance the identity of Porsche models across its entire line since 2004.

With the new Porsche 911 Carrera, the design team has managed to bring forward 911 success stories, which have been successful in a period of almost 50 years now. For this, the icon design also was awarded the Best of the Best from the same side.

The fact that Porsche won the second award was made famous Porsche team proud. That means carrying the Porsche design philosophy is right.

Design quality Porsche 911 is built on top of the Porsche brand, namely: tradition and innovation, sportiness, and suitability for everyday driving.

This unique combination, and the belief that good design should be honest, functional and is not consumed by the time the characteristic basic design language Porsche.