Nikon has Produced 70 Million Lenses

Since the first shipment in 1933 Nikkor lenses, Nikon has been producing up to tens of millions of devices are essential in a camera.

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DNikon has Produced 70 Lenses

Historical records in the history of photography in the world of Nikon Corp was announced. Japan-based company said that it has carved a milestone by working as many as 70 million lenses.

It did not take long for Nikon to make the lenses they produce. Only later is less than 10 months since Nikon announced that his company has been assembling as many as 65 million lenses in October last year.

NIKKOR is the brand name used for the Nikon lens lineup. 70 million is already included lens compact lens intended for the family line of Compact System Camera (CSC) Nikon 1.

Of the tens of millions of lenses which they worked, reportedly 30 million units of which are equipped with a technology called Silent Wave Motor (SWT). For the record, this technology enables users to get a fast autofocus.

Given the list of Nikkor lenses, one lens is the first to adopt SWM AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8D IF-ED in which to greet customers in 1996. Since then, the technology has been applied around the 50's lens is different for all types, from ultra wide-angle to super telephoto.